The New ‘Dark Souls III’ Trailer Is Superbly Twisted

The newest trailer for ‘Dark Souls III’ is some hauntingly mesmerizing shit. Any dude out there that’s taken a whack at the prior two Dark Souls installments knows that those games spurred some long-winded, Twitter discussions where gamers bonded over the games’ downfalls and victories, and the spontaneous combustions that was any time another player invaded your game to run a train of damnation on your game.

The gameplay trailer shows that the creators behind this franchise aren’t about to tinker and tamper with a winning formula. Gamers loved the first two installments, and the upcoming release of ‘Dark Souls III’ will only build off that momentum. Oh, and if someone told me that a damn Dark Souls trailer would feature a song by Cyndi Lauper I’d call ‘bulllshiiit broheme,’ but hell if it works. Seriously, Lauper’s eery little track adds some intensely-dramatic pop to the rapid shifting series of epic fight sequences between what I imagine will be our main character stacked against all manners of hellish foes.

All in all, the consensus is in and fans are ready to let the muthafucking flames fade for good–no more light–let nature play its course, and set the undead free to wreak havoc at last. Damn that got weird, but whatever come at me, this game is about to be dope and well worth shelling out the dough for. Dark Souls III comes out April 12th, so you best be getting your ass ready.

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