Website Want To Make Sure You Never Have To Watch An Awful Chick Flick Ever Again

Movie NIght


It’s a movie night. A legit movie night and not just Netflix and Chill. It’s time to decide what to watch and your girl just keeps rattling off the titles of the worst movies imaginable. Is Diane Keaton in every fucking chick flick?!?

For those with awful taste, there’s, the website that makes movie suggestions based on what both you and your girl want to watch. Say you want to watch Scarface and she’s all hard up for Something’s Got To Give, well, the website makes suggestions based on those two flicks and comes back with Pulp Fiction, Godfather 2, Slumdog Millionaire and The Wolf of Wall Street and those are all some pretty solid choices that slightly lean towards the guy.

Hmmm…let’s try again. How about Dazed and Confused and The Notebook. The website suggests American Graffiti, Baby It’s You, Mystic Pizza and SHOOT IT! SHOOT THE COMPUTER NOW! BEFORE IT MAKES MORE SUGGESTIONS!

That was close. Alright, so Pulp Fiction it is!

[via Ask Men]

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