L.A. Bros: This New Dating App Called ‘Align’ Allegedly Has An INSANE Ratio Of Chicks To Dudes

L.A. Bros: Are you sick of Tinder and burnt out on Hinge, Bros? Feel like you’re constantly swiping the same chicks? Feeling tapped out with your ice breakers and half-hearted attempts to be charming and witty?

There’s a new dating app to spit game on. It’s called Align and right now it’s only for dudes and chicks in Los Angeles. The idea is that it’s all about your astrological stars aligning — You download the app, log in with Facebook, enter your birthday, then it figures out matches based on your signs. It then sends you
five matches a day based on your astrological agreeableness.

There’s a bunch of other nifty tools in the app, but let’s get down to brass tacks for why every Bro in L.A. should be on this: A sick girl-to-guy ratio. I’m told three ladies for ever dude so it is “very bro-friendly.”

Kind of sounds like a no-brainer if you’re single in Lalaland.