BroBible Comments Of The Week: What Do A BroBible Blogger And George Costanza Have In Common?

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Bros! Apologies for missing last week’s edition of Comments of The Week here on I was out of the blog game for the day, shredding sick mountain ‘gnar in Aspen. No excuse, no excuse. As your weekly reminder that we read what you write in the comments section, I made sure to make this week’s edition of comments of the week extra beefy. Our comment of the week goes to aint_it_j, who made the perfect comparison to BroBible’s David Covucci and Seinfeld’s George Costanza in David’s amusing essay on why everyone should chill about being fired from their jobs.

This Is A Story About Kesha, A Triceratops Fossil, A Stolen Toy Dinosaur, And Probably Drugs by Duff Man

The lyrics are actually “D-I-N-O-S-A you are a dinosaur”.  Yeah I’m a Kesha fan, what


Bro Teaches Girl Why You Should NEVER Get A Tattoo In A Language You Do Not Understand, Shatters Her Life by Bilbro Baggins

[ ] not rekt
[ ] rekt
[x] tyrannosaurus rekt


This Hot Model’s Vagina Was Used To Make Fleshlights, She Visited The Factory To Ensure They Did Her Justice by 18WheelsOfLove

This video was really touching for me. So nice to put a face to what I spent many a lonely night with for 7 months in 2011.


This Poor Guy Experienced Every Man’s Worst Nightmare While Trying To Masturbate In His Bathroom by mattbrian2015

That always haunts my dreams, they say to think about what kind of legacy you’ll leave when you die, All I care about is that I die with a clean web history on my phone/computer.


Stanford Grad Gets $2.1 Million For Her Tinder For Elite App by mattbrian2015

People who use Apple products are not “elite”


Diplo Says He Is ‘Scared For His Life’ When It Comes To Taylor Swift Because Of All The Secrets He Knows About Her by PEPSTAR



Watch An iPhone 6 Get Dropped From Space AND IT DOESN’T BREAK by Bilbro Baggins

First off, this is sick because SPACE. However, because I am a cynical, cantankerous bastard I have a couple gripes.

– At some point this thing’s gonna hit terminal velocity. Which is fast, but not rocket fast.
– Did they just send it up and wait for the balloon to pop? Ok cool, so now you’ve got this popped balloon attached to it, creating drag. Kind of like a really fucked up parachute.
– It lands in a muddy cornfield? Gimme a fucking break. Drop that bitch 10 feet onto, I dunno, a sidewalk and I bet it shatters like a pornstar’s father’s dreams.


116 Things Every 20-Something Bro Remembers From Their Childhood by Ho Lee Fuk

Ruthie was hot as a mug


Porn Star And FSU Superfan Mia Khalifa Showed Us What She Looks Like With And Without Porn Makeup On And DAMN! by Jimmy

This is like that old 90’s teen movie troupe, where the nerdiest girl in school is played by Rachel McAdams. All she has to do is take her glasses off, let her hair down, buy a dress, and viola! Instant prom queen.


Here’s How Riff Raff Got SHREDDED Into 240 Pounds Of Pure Muscle After Giving Up Molly And Cocaine by cooter12345

uh he’s clearly doing steroids.  did you see the weight and form?  pathetic.


Meet One Of The Best ‘Tetris’ Players In The World And Find Out What It’s Like To Be A ‘Tetris’ Master by Alfred Allen Flores

“also learn how to be a virgin for the rest of your life.”


PIKE At ASU Made A Spring Rush Video To Show You How Turnt Up They Get by vctheking21

That awkward moment when you take a shot at PiKapp at the end but the pike you put in front of them looks like a complete goober.


These Are The Best Super Bowl Commercials Of 2015 That Have Hit The Web So Far by Conor Sweeney

So now we get to see the commercials before the Super Bowl, during the Super Bowl, and months after the Super Bowl. Fuck me right?


Grown Men Who Are Into ‘My Little Pony’ Will Now Have This Sex Doll To Pleasure Themselves With by oimachi

ok.  So I dont know a whole lot about sex dolls.  But where are the holes?  Firstly, shouldnt all sex dolls have a mouth hole?  And secondly.  If I were a male (which Im not) and I wanted to fuck a plastic rainbow pony (which I dont) I think I’d want to fuck it from behind. That pretty tail and all.  IMHO this is a very poorly designed product.


Don’t Worry. You Aren’t Going To Get Fired From Your Job by LFS

So I was fired from my job in guest services at a very expensive luxury hotel. I was a stellar employee, LOVED by my supervisor. But, said supervisor finally got fed up with our hotel’s GM (which all of us were), and left. Less than a month later, I was called in to HR, where they had print outs of my facebook page (my very well hidden facebook page…) of a status in which I had vaguely bitched about a very drunk and very rude guest, who happens to be the president of a local bank. Clearly, someone I thought was a “friend” at work ratted me out to HR by taking a screenshot of my Facebook feed and turning it in. I was fired on the spot. I think it was also party due to the GM wanting to get rid of any “sympathizers” of our old supervisor at the front desk 😛 (after he left, the rest of us – with the exception of the one who ratted me out and one other girl – were gone within two months). Sometimes, if your boss IS looking to overhaul a department, you can get fired for some pretty petty bullshit 😛


Don’t Worry. You Aren’t Going To Get Fired From Your Job by aint_it_j

This is like George trying to get fired from the yankees. Nothing he can do works


Tom Petty Isn’t Being Petty Towards Sam Smith Over Ripping Off His Song by Kenny ThaKilla

Love Petty, but I’m not sure why his camp brought their “predicament” to Smith’s attention in the first place. Aside from the similar melodic chorus, the two songs are not alike in meaning, lyric, or tempo.

Oh, that’s right, money. Don’t you have enough by now, Tom?

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