According To A Recent Survey, This Is The Exact Day And Time People Are Having The Most Sex

We already shared with you back in December what experts said is the best time of day to have sex. So now we get to find out if people have been heeding that advice as a new survey reveals what day of the week and at what time people are getting it on the most.

According to a survey of 1,000 married people by (who sound like they might know a thing or two about sex), the day and time that most people are shagging away is at 10:24 pm on Saturday night.

You know what? I think if I were to have guessed before knowing the answer I might have been able to come within a half-hour of their finding.

The survey also discovered that not only is Saturday the most popular day for sex it is the fave by quite a large margin.

Saturday (42%)
Sunday (26%)
Friday (22%)
Wednesday (4%)
Thursday (3%)
Tuesday (2%)
Monday (1%)

Poor Monday, can’t ever catch a break.

The survey also found out that 62% prefer sex in the summer versus 20% in winter, 14% in spring and 4% in the fall. Guess we do indeed like it hot.

Oh yeah, back to the best time to have sex. According to experts, it’s 3:00 in the afternoon. So basically most of us are doing it wrong. (But we already knew that, am I right?)

Unfortunately, most of us, you know, work so unless we’re hooking up in the janitor’s closet with a co-worker at our jobs we’re probably going to be sticking our usual Saturday night rendezvous, thankyouverymuch.

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