This Map Shows Which Day Of The Week You’re Most Likely To Get Shot For Each State

Vocativ compiled data from the Gun Violence Archive in order to find out which day of the week you’re most likely to be shot for each state. Starting from July 2014 and going through to the present, there were 2,200 fatal gun crimes across the United States, as well as another 7,800 that were non-fatal.

Via Vocativ

Via Vocativ

As you can see, you’re most likely to get shot on a Sunday, although according to Vocativ each state’s most deadly day of the week doesn’t necessarily have a “formula” that you can use to determine which state will have which day.

There’s no real rhyme or reason to the patterns on the map. Of all regions, the Bible Belt suffers the greatest numbers homicides on Saturday—presumably confessionals are busy on Sunday.

Either way, it looks like football Sunday is best spent inside on the couch, away from any potential gun violence.

[Via Vocativ, header image via Shutterstock]