A Bakery In D.C. Is Asking Its Customers To Try Some B-Hole, Selling It At Local Markets

If 2015 was the year eating asshole went mainstream, 2016 is the year brands capitalize on the trend.

Which is how you get a baker in Washington, D.C. telling you you should try some B-hole.

(Which you should. You should never exclude any of the erogenous zones when making love.)

Although this B-hole isn’t exactly faintly metallic tasting. It’s just the middle of the bagel. Get it? Like a donut hole?

From Washingtoniann:

B-holes, the food, look like doughnut holes but are made of bagel dough with various fillings and toppings. In fact, founder Grant Sarvis, a former Ted’s Bulletin bartender, says he got the idea after seeing doughnut holes abbreviated as “d-holes.”

Sure. Sure. Sure.

B-Holes currently serves four flavors: cinnamon treat (Cinnamon Toast Crunch is baked into the dough), “barlic gacon” (bacon and roasted garlic cream cheese inside, pepper jack on top), original (chive, onion, and dill cream cheese inside, everything bagel seeds on top), and the Mrs. Lavender (honey lavender filling with a sweet frosting drizzle). Each b-hole is $2. You can also get iced coffee.

“Our main goal is for people to enjoy a cup of coffee, laugh about a name, and eat a great product with friends or co-workers,” [founder Grant] Sarvis says. “It’s a great conversation starter—you’ve got to at least say that.”

And maybe slightly adjust your sexual mores while you do it.

B-hole currently sells its B-holes at local farmers markets in DC.

Like the ass, they look tasty.

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