Tens Of Thousands Of Fish Dead From Hypoxia Terrify Town After Clogging Up Canal, Confusing The Locals

by 1 year ago

Locals were thoroughly confused and equally terrified when tens (hundreds?) of thousands of dead fish popped up in a canal, clogging the waters. The fish reportedly died of hypoxia, or ‘oxygen deficiency in a biotic environment’. The dead fish are bunker, and this incident took place in a canal off of Long Island.

With that many fish in a small/confined area of water there is a metric shit ton of oxygen getting burned, and without moving water that oxygen supply was finite. I’ve heard speculation that predatory fish drove this massive school into the backwater canal seeking refuge, and the water doesn’t move much back there, which seems like a somewhat plausible explanation.

Still, whatever the cause of death may be, if you’re out for your morning jog and just happen to be passing by and see tens of thousands of dead fish floating you’re going to be extremely disturbed, and rightfully so. It’s rare that a massive fish kill such as this happens without the presence of Red Tide or an extreme temperature fluctuation in the water (either cold or hot).

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