A Dead Woman’s Image Keeps Appearing On This Guy’s Phone And It’s Creeping People The F*ck Out

Freaky footage of what appears to be a dead woman on an iPhone is going viral because, according to the owner, other than the photo appearing to be a dead woman, there shouldn’t be ANY images on the phone at all.

In the video, the man is shown holding his new phone and turning on the camera function.

The bizarre part occurs when an image appears in the lower left of the screen showing the woman’s face.

Then when he clicks to preview the thumbnail on the photo it says that there are zero images stored on the phone. What?!

The video was originally shared by blogger Julian Cavalero who reported this to The Daily Star

Julian said he was contacted by a woman named Nuvid Odeth who claims to be a friend of the phone’s owner.

Nuvid claims her friend discovered the alarming photo after turning on his new phone and testing the camera function.

She said: “He recently bought an iPhone that had clearly never been used.

“He took a few photos to test the camera but after that he saw a strange image appearing in the corner that he says he never took.

“My friend doesn’t have any social media apps on his phone, like WhatsApp, which could have downloaded archive pictures.”

But wait, it somehow gets even creepier.

The man reportedly also took the phone to a store where they told him to restore the phone to factory settings, removing any and all images.

So he did that. And guess what? The image is still there.

What does this woman want?!

H/T Unilad

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