Two Teenage Girls Live Stream Their Own Deaths On Facebook In Horrific Car Crash On The Highway

There has been a horrific news story coming out of Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania this week, and this is one I’m having a bit of difficulty just writing about, I cannot even begin to fathom what the families of these girls are going through right now.

On Tuesday, 18-year-old Brooke Hughes and 19-year-old Chaniya Morrison-Toomey crashed on the highway after a semi-truck smashed into the back of their vehicle. Their car was reportedly going very slow when the truck plowed into them, and police pronounced the two teenage girls dead on the scene.

What sets this tragic accident apart from the others which take place on our nation’s highways every day is the girls were live streaming themselves on Facebook when the truck smashed into their car and killed them on impact. The video has since been viewed thousands of times, and according to The Lad Bible the video is now being used by law enforcement officials as there’s an ongoing investigation into this deadly accident.

The video reportedly shows 19-year-old Chaniya asking ‘are you going Live?’ before there’s a screeching and the car is hit. The footage then goes black for about 7 minutes before a man is seen picking up the phone and shutting it off.

The video is apparently still live on Facebook, and according to Mirror UK it will stay up on FB because it doesn’t violate the Facebook Terms of Service.

I won’t be watching this video because I’m not into that ‘Faces of Death’ shit from the 90’s, but if you really want to see the footage I’m sure you can track it down by following the links above.

(h/t TheLadBible)

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