Deadly 8-Foot Cobra Snake Emerges From The ONE PLACE That You Never Want To Find A Snake

A snake wrangler in South Africa was called to this family’s apartment after someone went to drop a deuce and found one of the deadliest snakes on the planet holed up in the porcelain throne. Presumably, the enormous and deadly cobra sought shelter in the family’s toilet for warmth and comfort, or both. Or it’s equally as likely that the cobra got lost in the building’s piping system and just happened to wind up in the family shitter.

It’s not entirely uncommon to find a snake in the toilet. Though, I live in Florida (the Australia of the United States), and I’ve never found a snake coiled up in my bathroom. Maybe this is because I grew up with snakes as pets and snakes know to stay away from each other’s turf (I had a pair of Colombian Red Tail Boa Constrictors and a common Red Tail Rat Snake).

Unfortunately, the video ends just as the cobra attacks the snake tube the wrangler’s trying to coax it into and we don’t get to see the culmination of this video. We’re only treated to a peak of the massive reptile being hosted out of the shitter, somewhere in Pretoria, South Africa.

According to ABC7, the snake wrangler later lost control of the snake and the cobra retreated to the toilet and is currently lost in the apartment building’s pipe system.