Here Are The 10 Deals People Seek Out The Most On Amazon Prime Day And Other Fun Facts

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Hey. Psst. Hey you. Yeah, you. Did you know that today, July 11th, is Amazon Prime Day? You should. We’ve been dropping some killer deals that we’ve found on cool stuff all day long.

By the way, do you have any idea why there is such a thing as Amazon Prime Day? I mean, why Amazon has done it for the past three years? Turns out that back on on July 15, 2015, the date of the first Amazon Prime Day, it was held in honor of the company’s 20-year anniversary. I either did not know that or I just forgot. 2015 was a long time ago after all.

Anyway, today I came across a survey that National Today did this month where they delved deeper into Amazon and Amazon Prime Day and since, well, that’s today I thought you might find the results interesting. I know that I did.

Here are some fascinating little tidbits they discovered…

— 8 out of 10 Americans regularly shop on Amazon
— 46% of Americans say they shop on Amazon frequently
— 33% say they use the online retailer occasionally
— 10% say they rarely shop on Amazon
— 11% never shop on Amazon
— 44% of Americans are Amazon Prime members
— 83% of whom plan to shop online today
— 41% of those without a membership say they’ll sign up just so they can participate
— Overall, 59% of Americans plan to take part

So what are these 59% of Americans searching for on Amazon Prime Day? They’ve got that answer too…

#1: Toys and kids’ and babies’ items (25%)
#2: Electronics, computers, and office tools (22%)
#3: Clothing, shoes, jewelry (15%)
#4: Beauty and health items (12%)
#5: Movies, music, games (9%)
#6 (tie): Books (5%)
#6 (tie): Home, garden, and tools (5%)
#7: Sports and outdoor equipment (3%)
#8: Restaurants, foods, and grocery items (2%)
#9: Automotive and industrial equipment (1%)
#10: Handmade items (1%)

Toys. I totally get that. If you know something is just going to get broken or discarded in short order why pay full price?!

Here’s a cool infographic summarizing all of their findings…

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