These Bros Created ‘The Deer Bong’ — The Ultimate Beer Bong For Country Bros

There is nothing more savage than crushing a beer out of a drinking horn.  Men have been doing it since practically the beginning of time — There are sketches of Dionysus, the Greek god of partying and sex, holding a drinking horn that date back to 1500 B.C.

So why do we, as Bros, settle for cheap beer bongs made out of a funnel and tube from Home Depot? Shouldn’t we be more in touch with the drinking apparatuses of our ancient Viking and Medieval brethren? After all, they liked getting just as shwasted on a Thorsday as you and I do.

That’s why The Deer Bong is here to change our lives. The Deer Bong is an antler-shaped beer bong. It holds 22 FL OZ of beer and is made in the United States, which is why the founders are calling it “The most American thing you can drink from.”

Here’s how it works:

According to the project’s founder, the inspiration for the device from disastrous wedding drinking experience:

“After getting scolded for unofficially opening the bar at my cousins wedding, I proceeded to sit down at table 8,” Deer Bong founder Chris Weiland explains on Kickstarter. “I found a plastic antler that was part of the table center piece and used it as a prop. I noticed a hole in the bottom of the antler and knew right then and there I found a new drinking device. As I poured my beer into the antler, Instantly I found something wrong as beer spilled all over my pants.”

Chris adds: “Here is where my 10 years of drinking out of random objects payed off. I knew this antler needed a vent if you wanted to experience it in all of its glory. Limited on available tools to make a vent, I grabbed my steak knife and went to town on this antler like a north woods lumber jack.”‘


When Chris and his buddies came up with a prototype, they tested it at the bar. “Turns out public reaction was too good as it was stolen all four times we took it out,” he writes on Kickstarter.


Here’s what you get if you go support The Deer Bong Kickstarter project…  


You’ll get them just in time for tailgating season, Kickstarter if you want to get rowdy with a Deer Bong this upcoming fall. It’s never too soon to plan ahead.

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