Deer Jumps Through The Window Of A Cafe, Wrecks It, Terrifies Everyone, Jumps Through Another Window

This deer is f’n awesome, and I hope to hell that it found the woods without gravely injuring itself because it caused absolute mayhem along the way and deserves praise over death.

There’s really not much that happens in the state of Indiana outside of Indianapolis, and even there the only events are sports. I’m sorry if you’re reading this from Indiana and don’t like what I have to say, but I’m willing to bet if you do some inner reflection you’ll realize that it’s true, and Indiana is boring as fuck.

When that deer jumped through the window of Aspen Café in St. John, Indiana it was EASILY the most exciting (non-sports-related) event to occur in the past year, right? That seems like a reasonable claim when we’re talking about Indiana…Not that Indiana is the most boring place on Earth, it’s probably about 100x more exciting than South Dakota, right?

Speaking of deer, did you bros catch the news that Arby’s will soon be serving venison sandwiches during hunting season because Arby’s is awesome and venison is delicious? CHECK OUT THE NEWS HERE.

…(h/t Reader PKW for sending!!!)…

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