A Man Killed A Father Of Three After The Dad Asked Him To Not Use The Phrase ‘Deez Nuts’ In Front Of His Children

Jashua Williams was convicted of murder yesterday in Syracuse for killing A’Nickalus Hill. The reason? Williams kept saying ‘Deez Nuts’ in front of Hill’s children. Hill complained, and Williams felt the appropriate response was to murder him.

Perfectly reasonable.

Wait, what’s the opposite of that? This is the opposite of that. From Syracuse.com:

Williams, the murderer, had been repeatedly using the phrase “deez nuts” in the days before the fatal shooting, Senior Assistant District Attorney Melinda McGunnigle said.

In a police interview, Williams said he heard the term on the Internet or Facebook, and a trial witness said the term was all over the Internet, the prosecutor said.

Shit. I was the one blogging repeatedly about Deez Nuts and his foray into the presidential election. I’m like kinda, sort of, complicit in this.

Hill apparently asked Williams to not use the phrase, and that set him off.

Williams became increasingly angry at Hill for complaining about “deez nuts,” the prosecutor said. After driving around for awhile, he returned to the house and got Hill out of his bedroom.

After a confrontation in the living room, Hill was shot to death, McGunnigle said. The victim’s three children were in another room when their father was shot to death.

Jesus. Three fucking kids. Fatherless. When the other option was just not saying ‘Deez Nuts’ in front of them.

What a fucking world.

Williams faces 25 years in prison for the crime. An accomplice, Harry Shelton, is facing trial next month.

[Via Death and Taxes]

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