Supreme Court Declares Defense of Marriage Act Unconstitutional, Gay Marriage Legal in California

Then, today, the Supreme Court absolutely blew up your Twitter feed by issuing rulings on California's Prop 8 (which banned gay marriage in the state) and the Defense of Marriage Act, a 1996 law that banned inter-state recognition to same-sex couples. Prop 8 was dismissed, meaning the state of California can let same-sex marriage resume, and DOMA was found unconstitutional, allowing the country as a whole to give federal benefits to gay couples—this whole thing started when a woman named Edith Windsor was hit with a massive estate tax bill after her wife died in 2009.

Anyway this whole is issue is, obviously, a hotly contested one, so here's the coolest and least offensive video I can find: An NBC intern juking through a crowd like Adrian Peterson to deliver the ruling to Pete Williams. We can all relate to this poor behind-the-camera sap.


[Supreme Court image via Shutterstock]

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