Demi Lovato Got Into The Dumbest Twitter ‘Fued’ With Perez Hilton And Now Twitter Is Pissing On Both Of Them

Who knew Demi Lovato and Perez Hilton had beef? Not that Lovato should have beef with Hilton in the first place – he’s a blogger. His salary is contingent on getting as many people as possible to click through his website, which means it shouldn’t be surprising to Lovato if any negative pieces about her wind up getting posted. Take everything on the Internet with a grain of salt, and life will be much less stressful.

Not that Demi Lovato knows, as her “fued” with Perez started after she commented “You got it the wrong way around honey” on an Instagram photo comparing Ariana Grande to Mariah Carey:

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🙊 oops… #demilovato » #mariahcarey

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Perez then started liking tweets having to do with the post, resulting in Lovato sending him a private message telling him to “Let it go already.” In a very Perez move, he went and released screencaps of their conversation:

I would’ve been #TeamPerez had he not continued tweeting about the whole stupid thing, calling attention to it just for attention’s sake:

Demi responded (in a now deleted tweet) with “Do something with your life Perez,” and in true Twitter fashion a #PerezExposedDemiParty broke out…except no one really knew what had been exposed in the first place:

Ugh, thank god THAT’S over.

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