Democrats And Republicans Were Asked About Smoking Weed, Guns And You Might Be Surprised By These Answers

Cut Video gathered together a random group of 120 individuals (60 random Democrats and 60 random Republicans), and they asked that group ‘yes or no’ questions about their lives, questions that tangentially relate to politics. Based on whether the individuals answered yes or no they were asked to move to one group, and they were also wearing red or blue shirts that correspond with their politicial affiliation. This way we the viewers can get a visual sense of just how homogenous or split the random population is on any given topic.

Questions asked by Cut Video include the following:

Have You Ever Smoked Marijuana? YES: 65% Democrats, 60% Republicans, NO: 35% Democrats, 40% Republicans
Should Police Wear Body-Mounted Cameras While They Are On Duty? YES: 98% Democrats, 82% Republicans, NO: 2% Democrats, 18% Republicans
Do You Own A Gun? YES: 13% Democrats, 42% Republicans, NO: 87% Democrats, 58% Republicans
Do You Support Increased Gun Control? YES: 92% Democrats, 27% Republicans, NO: 8% Democrats, 73% Republicans
Should Edward Snowden Be Tried For Espionage? YES: 20% Democrats, 43% Republicans, NO: 80% Democrats, 57% Republicans

So if we’re going by the ‘majority’ then on nearly all of these issues Democrats and Republicans are similar, and the rift between the two parties is more polarized on the outside and not on the general issues…right? Or not, that’s probably me reading way too much into this.

Anyways, our very own David Covucci put together a 2016 election guide for lazy asses like myself and it went live here on BroBible this morning so CHECK IT OUT by clicking that link below:

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