Detroit Is Now Home To The Largest Pothole In The History Of Travel


Giant pothole or creatures trying to escape middle earth and take over human race? Not sure. For now, they’re calling it a giant pothole.

A massive hole on northbound Interstate 75 on the Rouge Overpass flattened a number of tires during rush hour Monday morning, causing a massive backup on the freeway.

The crater, which opened in the right lane between Springwells and Dearborn streets, was so large and deep that rebar was visible.

“It is a hole in the driving surface, and this one did go all the way through to the rebar and you can light coming through it,” Michigan Department of Transportation spokeswoman Diane Cross said.


It’s the second biggest hole in Detroit, the first being the one the Tigers are sitting in with less than a month left in the season. Suck it, Tigers fans.

[via Detroit News]