Devil Statue With A Giant Erection Causing A Major Stir In Vancouver

devil statue


Here’s a new one. For some reason, out of the blue, a giant statue of a devil sporting some serious wood appeared overnight in a park in East Vancouver. And we mean SERIOUS wood. Devil’s gonna devil, I guess.

No one knows how or why the sexually suggestive devil statue appeared, but it caused quite the uproar before it was removed from the park shortly after its appearance.

According to CTV

The statue stood about eight to nine feet tall on a pedestal near the intersection of 4th Avenue and Clark Drive for several hours Tuesday.

The statue also appeared to sport a full erection, a detail that likely raised hell with some of the commuters who use the station.

Apparently not everyone was offended by this devil with a boner as more than one petition has been started to try bring it back, which of course led to these classic reasons why…

“Dude. Did you see the boner on that thing? That makes a statement, man. That puts Vancouver on the map.”

“Mostly because I like Satan, but also that magnificent cock.”

“We all need some devil dick in our lives.”

And of course, this always solid reasoning…

“Because whoever took it down are being dicktards.”

You simply can’t argue with logic like that.

H/T Death and Taxes