DEWAR’S Whisky ‘Brings the Bite of 80,000 Bees.’ To Back Up That Catch-Phrase, They Actually Are

Across the board, people are way too lazy to come up with new phrases.

Crafting awesome things takes a great deal of commitment.

If you’re set on crafting amongst one of the more epic creations in human history, you’re gonna need a few things in your arsenal. Focus and drive are important, but what’s often discounted here is the longevity. Rome wasn’t built in a day is only powerful cause we’re talking about Rome–if we were talking about some random town in Rhode Island, nobody would care. Why’s that the case?

Rome had staying power, Rome had a great number of people working together to ensure that it was a city that remained on top for a ridiculous amount of time. History books aside, this was a place that had it together. From innovative forms of government to city-building to conquering, Rome had it all. The Golden, yet Furious Empire–the one that knew how to relax in style (see: Pax Romana), but for centuries, wrought its furious bite when necessary.

In that way, Rome was a lot like DEWAR'S Highlander Honey Whisky.

Now you may be thinking–how is this not a giant stretch? What does arguably the Greatest Empire in human history have to do with a particularly tasty brand of Whisky–other than the fact that both are undeniably awesome?

For one, both have a proud history emphasizing personal craftmanship–DEWAR'S draws upon natural Scottish honey crafted by honeybees from Aberfeldy, birthplace of the DEWAR’S blends. Rome…well, you know.  

Additionally, DEWAR'S has a great deal of respect for those who've helped make their Whisky into the excellent product we know today. In honor of craftsmanship preceding great taste, the new DEWAR’S Highlander Honey presents the 3-B project where bees create a bottle of Highlander Honey out of honeycomb. It’s the Drinking Man’s take on 3-D printing and you can see them building another object live. This is DEWAR'S tribute to their zealous sculptors, and is sure to be exciting to watch. 

Viewers will be able to watch the process via DEWARS Facebook tab–’Live in the Hive’ will feature a real-time camera showing the process taking place. Here, viewers can enter to win the object being made right in front of them. 

All in all, DEWARS 3-D printing with bees and the honeycomb is getting to the core of what prime honey-infused Whisky is all about–the sweetness of honey, with the bite of 80,000 bees.

As always, please drink responsibly–as with the rise of great empires, a drinking man will know how to properly pace himself.