You’ll Die Before You Finish This Sandwich the Spurs Made For the NBA Finals

That above image is a stock photo of a man having a heart attack.

The below image is a photo of what will cause it. But before we get to that, let’s use some words. The San Antonio Spurs introduced a new sandwich in honor of this year’s NBA Finals’ appearance. It’s called ‘The 3 Pointer’ and looks too absurd for even a minor league team struggling to attract visitors to sell.

The sandwich contains three kinds of meat: pork, brisket, and sausage. It’s smothered in three cheeses: “Texas Havarti,” muenster, and queso fresco. The sandwich is served on three slices of Texas toast, and is drenched in your choice of three types of barbecue sauce.

It’s topped with what looks like 90 onion rings. Behold.

It retails for $12.50, which is insanely cheap for stadium food, especially this. Cost of living, man. It’s just different down there.

[Heart attack via Shutterstock; Sandwich image via Eater]