European Men Want To Bang In Worst Place Ever, Plus More Differences Between How America And Europe Have Sex

According to a sex survey that compares sex in the United States to sex in Europe, we now know that European men prefer sex on the beach over everything else.

I do not know how that is possible.

There are a ton of terrible places to try and have sex. But of those that likely fall on the “list of the most popular places to have sex,” shower sex and beach sex have to be the worst. They both sound so hot and steamy, but neither of them are much fun. Unless, of course, all the stars align and you have a gigantic shower or you’re on a sand-less, private beach.

You would think that nothing is worse for natural lubrication during sex than water. But you immediately realize you would be wrong once some sand makes its way into the equation. Very unpleasant.

Unlike those European punishment gluttons, American men want to fuck on a bed, because beds are hella comfy and also really close to our nightstand, which is where we keep the condoms we try not to ever use.

More stats below.


Dudes. If I may…Please look how fucking knowledgable we are about fallopian tubes. I use the word “we’ loosely because I have zero fallopian tube knowledge, but kudos to other guys taking the time to learn all about them. And game over when it comes to ovaries. How and WHEN did american males become ovarian experts? And why wasn’t I told that I should pursue this knowledge?






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