Drunk Guy Digs Up Dead Father For Possibly The Most Insane Reason Ever

A super drunk Kentucky man broke into a cemetery to dig up his dead father’s grave.

Was dad buried with some type of treasure? Did junior think maybe dad was still alive? Was this all just a case of one too many whiskey shots? Yeah, probably that, but his reason for unearthing his three decades dead dad is pretty insane.

A man was arrested after deputies said he tried to dig up his late father’s grave in order to argue with him, according to a report.

Michael May, 44, was arrested after digging up the grave of his father at the Pilot Baptist Cemetery near Stanford, in Lincoln County, on Monday night, deputies told Lexington television station WLEX.

But here’s where things get weird…ehhh..weirder.

May told the arresting deputies his dad died about 30 years ago. The cemetery registry lists 13 people with the last name of May buried at that location.

Willis Green May was the only one who died around 30 years ago — on Nov. 23, 1983 — but it’s not clear if he was Michael May’s father. A man named Eugene May was the last person ever buried at Pilot Baptist, in 2002.

May never disclosed exactly what he wanted to argue with the dead man about. Hopefully it wasn’t something like “I’m not as worthless as you think! I’m smart!” because he could be shouting it at the wrong dead guy. His point would be invalid.

[via Wave 3]