New Research Proves Chicks Do Just As Many Disgusting Things In The Bathroom As Bros

The bathroom is the most disgusting room in the house. Experts will say that the kitchen contains the most hidden dangers as far as germs and bacteria but no one is taking hot dumps in the kitchen sink. At least not sober.

Men and women will point the finger at the opposite gender when it comes to “who makes the bigger mess” in the bathroom. Not that kind of mess, obviously bros would win, but just the overall filth in the powder room. This survey from the authority on cleaning crappy bathrooms paints a much different picture.

The Scrubbing Bubbles peeps did a survey of men and women to find out about some of the disgusting things that go on behind closed bathroom doors. Here are just a few of the fascinating reveals from The Dirty Work survey done by the people at Scrubbing Bubbles.


Of the men surveyed, over 50% think they share the bathroom cleaning responsibilities but the same percentage of women claim to be the sole cleaners of the bathroom. Clearly everyone thinks they clean the bathroom even though it’s filthy. Only 45% of men say they make the most mess in the bathroom while 27% of men say they’d rather clean a BBQ grill at the end of the summer instead of cleaning the inside of a toilet. Really? I’d much rather clean a grill. Never know, could find a left over burger. Mmmm…old cow carcass.

The most disgusting, though not shocking, reveal is that 43% of men admit to urinating in the shower. Nasty.


Over 80% of the women surveyed confess to leaving hair and grooming product junk all over the sink and floor. More than half the women flush the toilet with the seat up and 44% of women spend their time in the bathroom popping pimples. Of the women surveyed, 42% don’t bother to ever wash the shower curtain, which is slightly forgivable since it’s a shower, but taking into consideration that 42% wash their filthy pets in the same tub, it’s god damn disgusting. And when it’s all said and done, when all the pooping and pimple washing is complete, 21% of the women said they don’t bother to wash their hands.

One of my favorite nuggets of truth in the survey involves the actual cleaning of the shitters. According to the survey, 71% of women would rather clean the toilet than unclog a drain, clean an teen’s bedroom, empty out a neighbor’s garage or clean a grill. Women would rather go head and hands first into the pot people dump in than scrub a grill with a six foot long grill brush. If that’s the case, why do 100% of women complain every time they have to clean the bathroom?!?

So I guess we should do a little survey of our own. Tell us in the comments, who’s worse in the bathroom — chicks or bros?

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