Two Grown-Ass Men Rode All 46 Rides At Disney In One Day…And I’m Just Sitting Here Hatin’

Two grown men that moonlight as amusement park enthusiasts managed to ride every single ride at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida in one day. That’s 46 individual rides, and it took them a grueling 17-hours straight of riding the rides. Yes, this is real life.

Whoever says that men stop dreaming once they get their first pube is dead wrong. Yes, as a child riding all 46 rides in one day at Disney might have sounded incredible to me, but as an adult that’s simply not my dream. But that doesn’t mean it’s not okay to dream that dream, because these two guys certainly did and then they even got to live out their dream. So f*ck them for that. I’ll continue hating throughout this post.

From FOXNews:

On Nov. 7, Shane Lindsay and Ted Tamburo rode every ride at Walt Disney World in Orlando over a stomach-churning 17 hours.

No ordinary Disney fans, Lindsay and Tamburo run the website Parkeology—a devoted fansite to all things related to life at Disney parks—and detailed their achievement in a post last week.

After riding all 46 unique rides, the duo had time to go on four duplicates before Magic Kingdom closed at 1am.

“We exited the Magic Kingdom on an empty Main Street, with the Castle Dreamlights glowing in the mist behind us,” Lindsay and Tamburo write. “Physically exhausted, mentally spent, but very happy with how things had turned out.”

Lindsay and Tamburo met over 20 years ago in an AOL chat room devoted to theme parks. The two bonded over their mutual love of Disney but never met until they attempted to ride all of the park’s rides last summer. Inclement weather deprived the park-hoppers of completing their mission with two rides closed in the later hours of the day.

Planning for the second attempt started almost immediately after. The two note that three things must align to make their mission a reality:

Pick the right day.
Pack the right gear.
Plan the right route.

Just a quick reminder here that these are two GROWN ASS MEN who made it their goal in life to ride every single ride at Disney…in one day.

Moving on…

The two created a trailer for the day, with a glimpse into what it was actually like out there on the mean streets of the Magic Kingdom. They shared this video on their website ‘Parkeology‘ in which they catalogue their many amusement park adventures:

I think I’m going to be sick. That trailer managed to truly capture just how nauseating amusement parks can be. The fat, sweaty, smelly people everywhere. The awful food….Just awful. But to each his own, and it’s cool that these guys got to live out their dream and are getting some solid press related to it.


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