A Disney Intern Was Fired For Sharing A Sign That Told Workers To Lie If They’d Seen Any Alligators Recently

Man, so much has happened in the world in the past few weeks, you’ve probably already forgotten about the Disney alligator death.

A month ago, a two-year-old boy drowned after he was dragged into a lake by an alligator at Walt Disney World’s Seven Seas Lagoon.

Since then, Disney has been trying to play down fears that its magical happy place for kids is actually an alligator infested death trap.

Today’s news *probably* won’t help their cause. According to CBS, Disney intern Sharon Sullivan was fired for tweeting a sign that told employees to tell guests they hadn’t seen any alligators, even if they had.

Here’s the sign in question.

It says that if any guests ask an employee if they’ve seen any alligators, they should respond with “not that we know of” and to please not say they’ve seen any before.

Sullivan says she shared the sign because she found the request “disheartening.” Her manager saw the tweet and promptly told her that her summer internship was ending immediately.

Per the Orlando Sentinel, Disney said it had not authorized the sign to be posted and has already rehired Sullivan for the remainder of the summer.

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