Scuba Diver With Balls Of Steel Pulls Out A Sharp Ass Knife That’s Stuck Into The Head Of A Shark

diver pulls knife from shark


I’d estimate that 99.999999999% of the time you’ve got a diver, a sharp ass knife, and a shark all involved in the same story then that story ends with the diver attempting to jab the knife into the shark. This is not one of those stories.

In this instance, we’ve got a SCUBA diver in Grand Cayman who spots a nurse shark sitting on the ocean floor with a razor sharp knife sticking into the back of its head. Presumably, that knife is there because someone else jabbed that knife into the shark’s head. Well, the diver and his GIGANTIC BALLS OF STEEL swim on down and pull that knife out of the shark’s head:

Typically, nurse sharks are docile and they only bite when they’re provoked to the extreme. But here you’ve got a shark that’s already distressed and in pain from the sharp ass blade sticking into its skull, so conventional wisdom would dictate that the slightest twinge of that blade would cause the shark to twist back and latch on.

I like to believe that I would’ve done the exact same thing if I was in that diver’s situation and saw that shark in distress. Nurse sharks truly aren’t out to hurt anyone. One of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had was off Staniel Cay in The Bahamas (near that island with pigs that swim) when we were swimming behind my friend’s dad’s yacht and there were legitimately over 30 nurse sharks around us, just doing their thing. I later realized that the nurse sharks were only getting close-ish and leaving the ocean floor because I’d scraped my knee when diving off the boat and was pouring blood into the water, but the sharks were just chilling and swimming behind us…tons of them. I’ve seen nurse sharks countless times here in Florida and they truly just want to be left alone.