You Can Make Your Own ‘Wildfire’ From ‘Game Of Thrones’ At Home And This Is Both Badass And Terrifying

I’ll try and keep this opening paragraph relatively spoiler-free for you Game of Thrones fans out there who aren’t caught up but at this point the season’s been over for a month and you have no excuse, so just watch the damn show already. Moving on, I will say that similar to the Battle of the Blackwater Bay ‘wildfire’ does play a prominent role this season, and it helped reset one of the biggest power struggles in Westeros.

In that clip above the YouTube channel NurdRage shows us how to make our very own wildfire at home, something I didn’t know was possible until today. Here’s the basic formula, which I suppose you can save for a shopping list down the road:

To make it we mix 200g of Borax, 650mL of methanol and 100g of sulfuric acid (98%). We then set up a fractional distillation column and distill of the fraction at 54 degrees Celsius which is azeotropic trimethyl borate.

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Let’s be honest, if you roll up in Home Depot or a pool cleaning supplies store and try to purchase all of these chemicals together they’re going to think you are up to no good. So it’s probably best that you either tell the sales associate that you’ll be making some wildfire from Game of Thrones as a DIY science project at home or you might raise some red flags…

(h/t Nerdist)