DMX Allegedly Robbed A Man Outside A New Jersey Gas Station Last Night

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In July of 2013, DMX filed for bankruptcy, citing over $1.24 million in unpaid child support.

In April of 2015, he allegedly robbed a man at a Newark, New Jersey gas station.

The 21-year-old man claims that DMX and his entourage robbed him of $3,200 in cash late Saturday night at an Exxon station, according to Newark Police spokesman Ronald Glover.

It all started like it would if any of us saw DMX pumping gas at an Exxon. We’d engage him. Because he’s DMX. I had a poster of him on my wall as a teenager with his shirt off looking hard as shit. I never realized how creepy that was until I actually wrote it out…

Anyway, this dude is psyched to be in DMX’s presence so he strikes up a conversation with him about music. The conversation turns from cordial to dangerous when a member of DMX’s entourage walks out of the station.

The dude approached the victim, pulled a gun out, and demanded the his money. The victim then pulled out over three grand out of his pocket, all of which DMX grabbed himself, before fleeing into a caravan of four black Escalades.

Who knows why this dude was holding $3,200 in cash. I have no more than $6 cash on me at any given time.

No arrests have been made.

This is just shitty on so many levels. I’ve always claimed that one of my worst nightmares is to meet one of my idols only for him to be a complete dick. If Tom Brady called me a ‘pussy’ at the bar, I wouldn’t know what to believe anymore. I’d question my very existence. Gotta be a tough one to swallow losing a childhood idol and $3,200 on the same night though.

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