8 Things Every Bro Needs To Do Right Now, Besides Having Sex


Bros — Tonight is the State Of The Union address. Just like you, we’re using it as an excuse to get hammered. But first — It’s been a while since we’ve updated you on BroBible’s State of the Union. I’m happy to report it’s strong. In fact, it’s yoked AF. 2015 was our biggest year in every single way imaginable as a publisher. 2016 is shaping up to be even more swole.

First of all, a big, gracious thank you for reading BroBible. We couldn’t do it without the Bros who read us on the reg. Speaking for everyone on the editorial team, we’re truly blessed to have such an amazing community of readers. I wish I could buy you all many shots and beers.

Secondly, we have a little homework assignment for you. We’re looking to take things thermonuclear this year and, in order to do so, we’d love to have you following us on our many social channels. If you’re not already following BroBible on Facebook and Twitter, we have no idea what you’re waiting for.

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Because you'll never know when you need to spring into action.

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Cheers and thank you. Bottoms up!


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