GREAT NEWS: You Can Now Get Chipotle Burritos Delivered, Bros!!!


It’s Sunday afternoon. You’re zoning out to a Bar Rescue marathon on the couch. You’re hungover. You’re hungry. There’s nothing you want more in the world than a loaded chicken burrito from Chipotle. But you’re too damn lazy to get off the couch and wait in line for one.

Between sips of blue Gatorade, you say to your roommate, “Does Chipotle deliver?”

His answer is despondent: “Nah.”

You sigh. “I wish Chipotle delivered,” you mumble out loud. While day-dreaming of a Chipotle delivery service, you jump on GrubHub or Seamless and order a calzone or chicken parm sandwich instead.

That exact scenario has played out a million times in a Bro’s life.

But today there is good news: Chipotle will now deliver.

The quiet Chipotle delivery announcement comes from Tuesday’s Q1 earnings call with Chipotle’s CEO Steve Ells. He made a announcement that Chipotle has started delivery of online and mobile orders in 67 cities via the Postmates delivery app. Via Seeking Alpha:

Additionally, we have begun delivery of online and mobile orders for individual and small groups in 67 cities using the Postmates delivery app. We selected Postmates as our official delivery partner in March, and now they are currently delivering Chipotle orders in all of the markets where they operate.

The company’s Chief Creative Officer noted that Postmates has been doing unofficial Chipotle delivery for a while, but now it’s an official deal. Via Re/Code:

“There have been a lot of people that have been delivering Chipotle through various services over the years,” the company’s chief creative officer said, according to a transcript of the call. “And we’ve tried to in a lot of cases shut them down, because we weren’t sure whether the quality was going to be sufficient or whether they were following our rules. This is different because we’ve made an official deal with Postmates and they have been delivering Chipotle for quite a while, too.”

This is tremendous news for anyone who never wants to leave their apartment or house. It comes on the heels of Taco Bell’s recently announced delivery service, too.

BUT, it’s important to note a couple of significant things here, though: For starters, Postmates is a third-party delivery service — it’s not Chipotle’s in-house delivery service, like getting a Papa John’s pizza delivered to you. It uses independent contractors. It’s more like having a currier service go to Chipotle with your order and deliver it to your lazy ass.

Because of that, Chipotle delivery is EXPENSIVE. Postmates charges a premium for its service because it is delivering things that usually aren’t delivered. This makes Chipotle delivery super pricy. Jason Del Rey from Re/Code tried it in New York City and it charged him an $11 delivery fee, driving his total on an $8 burrito to over $20.



Oof. That hurts. Maybe get off the couch and take that trip instead of Chipotle delivery, Bros. At that price, you can add all sorts of guac to your burrito

[H/T: Business Insider]

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