NOPE: Bro With Huge Balls Does Parkour On The Edge Of A Skyscraper

by 3 years ago

I’m always amazed by the human beings that do high altitude parkour stunts on top of Dubai skyscrapers. We post about them kind of a lot here… At least every month. Do they ever crave cheeseburgers? Do they every just have a casual night at home downing Ben & Jerrys Chunky Monkey pints? Do their hands sweat from severe anxiety? Do they have a crippling fear of something irrationally simple, like spiders or clowns?

These are the things I think about when I watch these videos. Then again, there’s juice from a cheeseburger I ordered on Seamless literally running down my arm right now. Do I know how to live or what? These guys need to take a couple lessons from me on taking it down a few notches.

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