Family Goes To The Movies For 3 Hours, Comes Home To Find The Dog Has Completely Destroyed Their Entire House



A family stepped out for 3 hours to enjoy a movie, one of America’s favorite pastimes. They left their grey and black husky (dog) at home while they went to the movie and what they came home to was something straight out of a nightmare. In just three short hours this dog managed to turn everything in their home black:

Black paint? Soil? Both?

It’s photos like this that make me feel grateful for how perfect my own dog is. As a puppy my dog only chewed two magazines, ever. Not once did our Bernese Mountain Dog try and run away, chew up furniture, or get into something in the house that was off limits.

Prior to getting my own dog in adulthood the last dog I’d lived with was back in college when my roommate at FSU had a Siberian Husky. Don’t get me wrong, I loved that dog (still love him, he’s getting old but still kicking!), but he was an evil demon monster compared to my Bernese. That husky used to break out of the house by going out the window on the second floor and somehow manage to get down to the ground and take off running. We basically had to print up a stack of a few hundred ‘missing dog’ signs because he’d take off and just go running once a week and get lost (any chance to run he’d take). After seeing these photos I’m convinced that huskies are just mischievous pups, and there’s nothing that can be done to tame them.

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