Stop What You’re Doing And Watch This Video Of A Dog Waking His Bro Up From A Nightmare

We don’t know for certain that dogs have nightmares, because dogs cannot communicate that to us, but it’s pretty damn obvious that they do. Here we see one of these doodles mid-nightmare and the other doodle swooping in to the rescue.

Did he maybe jump in there a little too fiercely and with a little too much red rocket to the dome? Perhaps.
But one thing is for certain, this dog’s a bro and he’s looking out for his dog bro. He’s not content to let him sleep through horrific imagines on that couch, he’s going to hop up there and smother him with his dog-bro-love.

tip of the hat to Tastefully Offensive for finding and sharing this video

Brb, need to go punch something to feel manly again…


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