This Pug Getting A Sponge Bath Is Happier Than A Soldier At A Vietnam Massage Parlor

It’s rare in life that we have the opportunity to witness pure happiness, but such is the case in this video of a pug taking a bath inside a kitchen sink.

I’ve been mulling over whether or not to post this video since before Thanksgiving, but as it’s now past 1.5 MILLION views in two weeks and appears to have gone viral, I guess now is the time to share it with you bros.

Why did I hesitate from sharing this with you bros initially? Well, how the hell does one make a video of a ‘blissful pug taking a bath’ sound appealing to the bro nation? It’s virtually impossible, because aside from involving dogs it’s about as off-topic for bros as possible. But here we are.

After watching this video you’ll come to realize just why this video has gained so much traction all over the Internet, because this pug displays pure happiness, and that’s something we all love to live vicariously through from time to time.


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