Dog Mourns Death of Beaver Bro

I’m going to give you guys a fair warning.. This video will make the baddest of bros realize they have a heart. Bella (the dog) & Beavis (the beaver) did everything together. They ate together, they played together, and they even slept together (not like that, you weirdo). They were best friends! Sadly, Beavis made a turn for the worst last July and [as you can see] Bella was quite sad. 

I try to be as happy and as positive as I can possibly be, but sometimes its just important to remind yourself how simple life truly is. Keep it real. This video reminds me (yes, the video of a beaver and a dog) to live each moment as if its your last and smile as much as possible. 

Here is what one YouTube user had to say about the video:

That is the sweetest, saddest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Such devotion from one species to another, much like the devotion we see between humans and their pets. So sweet to see the little girl comforting her dog.

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