Sweetest Dog Ever Refuses To Leave Hospital Caring For Its Owner, Even After The Owner Dies

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dog refuses to leave hospital owner dies

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This story of a dog who held vigil at the front door of a hospital caring for its owner for six days, and then even after the owner died, will put an end to any argument that says cats are better pets than dogs. No way a cat would be so damn loyal.

Unfortunately for this wonderful dog, it was waiting for an owner that it’s never going to see again. Aww, dammit, is someone cutting onions in here?

Reports People magazine…

According to the Brazil’s G1 News, Vergilia de Lima Gomes, 82, was admitted to a hospital in the Sidrolandia municipality on July 22. She suffered from asthmatic bronchitis. Gomes died on July 28, but the dog, which paramedics said may have followed the woman’s family members to the hospital, refused to leave.

“He was looking as if waiting for someone and would not go away. He stood at the ready, looking in, waiting,” said hospital receptionist Olga Caroline Baldin in an interview with G1. Baldin said at times the dog obstructed the entrance to the point that people trying to get into the lobby would have to step around him, just because the dog would not move out of the way.

The hospital’s director says that news of the dog has spread all over the land and she has had numerous requests to adopt the sweet pup, but for now the dog is being cared for by a local pet store.

Yahoo! News Italy quoted one woman who heard about the dog’s story offering, “I’ll take him to a veterinarian to do all vaccines, if necessary. I will give a new home: It is sad to see the suffering of the animal.”

Go ahead and add me to the list of people that want this dog as their own as well. Poor sweet doggy.


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