In Seattle, There Is A Dog Who Rides The Bus By Herself Like She’s People

What makes a human a human? Is it a set of limbs and a heart? The ability to communicate? To love? What about taking public transportation? That’s an innately human trait. Lobsters don’t ride the subway. You ain’t never seen a deer on Amtrak.

If it’s those four things, then what to make of Eclipse the Dog, who is a dog in Seattle, but also a person in that she has limbs and a heart, can communicate, can love, and rides public transportation?

And I don’t mean like her owner takes her on her leash on the bus, then off it.

No, Eclipse, a Black Lab-Bullmastiff mix, gets on the bus by herself. Rides it all the way to the dog park then gets off at the dog park. She plays at the dog park, then gets back on the bus, then rides it home and gets off at her house.

If that’s not a person trait, I don’t know what is. That’s basically commuting to work.

It all started when her owner, Jeff Young, was smoking a cigarette at the bus stop. They’d done this trip a ton, and one time, while he was finishing his smoke, she jumped on. And rode it to the park.

Don’t believe me? There’s video and everything.

Look at this dog. Or should I say, look at this person.

Good work, Eclipse. Welcome to humanity. We need your help.