Watch As This Adorable Dog Sells Out His Dog Bro So Hard

You know that French Bulldog’s sitting there thinking he’s got nothing to worry about, that his Bull Mastiff bro would never sell him out. They both love their owner, they’d do anything for their owner, but when the cat’s away the mice will play…and in the dog world that translates to ‘when the owner leaves for the bar we’re getting into every roll of toilet paper in this godforsaken house.’ The French Bulldog saw his opportunity to turn himself into a pretty, pretty princess. To make himself a gown out of that sweet smelling toilet paper (that or he’s making himself a French Flag, because we know the French love waving white flags for surrender). That Bull Mastiff though, he’s older, wiser, and knew the ramifications of running through their owner’s last roll of TP. Hell hath no fury like a person on the toilet without toilet paper because the dog just made a white gown out of the aforementioned toilet paper. The Bull Mastiff knows this, he knows when to push his owner’s boundaries, and that toilet paper is not a time to push those boundaries.

So when it comes time for the lineup, and the owner asks the two dogs ‘who dunnit?‘ that Bull Mastiff has a clear conscience. That French Bulldog is also thinking he’s got nothing to worry about, but doesn’t realize he’s about to get sold out harder than he could’ve ever imagined. Here’s the fateful moment once more, in GIF:

Cold blooded….