This Poor Dog Is The Absolute Worst At Sex Ever

by 5 years ago

To say this dog is not good at sex would be an understatement. This poor fucker has his uniform on, but never does get in the game.  While he gets an “A” for effort, his execution is rather lackluster.

Here’s some random thoughts on the doggy style fail. Play along at home and put your own jokes in the comments!

  • “Is it in yet?”
  • He takes safe sex to another level.
  • I remember my first time.
  • Schwing and a miss.
  • Josh Duggar is that you?
  • “But Maury, I can’t be the father.”
  • At least his oral game is strong.
  • It’s great to have confidence in the size of your masculinity, but he’s blindly confident.
  • Natural selection will not allow this dummy to reproduce.
  • Meanwhile that ghost dog is getting the pounding of a lifetime.
  • Right here, this is why sex ed is such an important curriculum in our schools.
  • Poor fucker.
  • You gotta lick it before you don’t stick it
  • Forever a virgin.
  • Nothing like being a cocktease to your own damn self.
  • On the bright side, there’s really no need to neuter this dog.
  • Doggy style doesn’t look satisfying.
  • If there was a video that summed up the sex life of married people this would be it.
  • Guess his dad never gave him the “birds and the bees” talk.
  • But imagine how great he is at the air guitar!
  • Still a better twerker than Miley Cyrus.
  • The air just got pregnant.