This Dog Can’t Help But Dance Her Doggie Heart Out At The Sight Of Food, Much Like Me When I See Bacon

I was having trouble coming up with a headline for this video. It might seem straightforward, but it’s not: well-behaved dog sees her food and dances her doggie butt off. Maybe I’m jaded, but that alone isn’t enough for me to click on to a video, these days I need a hook. I can’t quite recall what brought me to this video, it was late last night and I was drifting off, but I’m glad I watched it. This video’s a reminder that dogs are awesome (not that we need a reminder). Dogs, like people, can be the most well-behaved creatures at times, but when presented a trigger like kibble (or Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel), all decorum and etiquette goes out the window.

Just look at how well behaved this pooch is before the kibble gets broken out:

But once the kibble is exposed all formalities are off, and a doggie dance must be danced:

Back to being well-behaved:

And now back to the excitement of dinner time, and finally getting to taste those sweet bits of kibble…The ‘release’:

My dog isn’t even poorly-behaved and yet this dog is still somehow 100,000x more well-behaved. Thank god we don’t live in a world where all dogs are this well behaved, because that’d be quite the boring world, albeit an adorable one.

This has been your daily reminder that dogs are better than cats.