College Students Ordered Domino’s New Donuts With Their Late-Night Pizza And HOLY SHIT THERE’S MOLD EVERYWHERE!

I go into every week of work knowing there will be two content certainties: Somewhere, someone will find an incredibly disgusting sight when they open a package of food, and somewhere, a high school teacher, or several, will get arrested for fucking a student. These two things, alongside death and taxes, will forever remain constant. I’m sure of it.

This week is no exception.

Today, we have the story of Chloë Smith, a 20-year-old college student who, along with her friends, wanted nothing more out of the end of her night than to wash down their Domino’s pizza with a four-pack of the company’s new doughnuts.

As you can see below, that didn’t happen. Instead of opening the box to find delicious donuts, Smith and her pals were hit in the face with the stank of MOLD, GLORIOUS MOLD…all over their donuts! (NOTE: That last line was to be sung like the song in Oliver. Please go back and do that if you previously hadn’t, it’ll really add a layer to the experience.)

According to Metro UK:

Chloë, a primary education student at St Mary’s University, Twickenham, said: ‘At first we thought it might be chocolate chips but then the stench that come from the box was so overpowering.

‘They were covered in mould and fur – it’s amazing we weren’t sick. How could someone put that in a box and send it out for delivery?