The Memes Created By The Internet Of Trump Making Faces In A Big Rig Are Absolutely A+++

donald trump big rig memes

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Let Thursday afternoon we shared some photos of our 45th President Donald Trump sitting behind the wheel, and in some case pretending to drive, an 18-wheeler.

Because of the AMAZING pictures that resulted from this photo op and The Donald looking like a kid who just got a new bike, naturally, the internet meme’d the living hell out of it.

I mean, I’m sorry, no matter your political leanings there is NO WAY you can look at photos of any President, Trump, Obama, Bush, anyone, making these faces and not find these funny.

donald trump big rig memes photoshop

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Of course the photos were also very ripe for a little Photoshop action as well…

Damn, fine. Fun’s over, I guess.