Donald Trump Told Chris Christie To ‘Lay Off The Oreos’ At A Fundraiser Last Night

Christie Face Trump


For once, I actually have to side with Donald Trump on this “issue”, as he would say, for many, many reasons.

Last night, Donald Trump held a fundraiser to help pay off Chris Christie’s campaign debts, since the New Jersey guv has done so much to help Trump with his presidential campaign.

In his speech, Trump talked about jobs and companies leaving the US to go the cheap route overseas. He specifically mentioned Nabisco — makers of the addictive Oreo cookies — and how they allegedly plan to move operations from Chicago to Mexico.

Now, many people are taking those comments as a cheap shot at Christie and his weight issue. Honestly, it’s not. Trump said he’s boycotting Oreos, told Christie’s he’s also boycotting them, and that’s really it. Of course, as soon as a person mentions Christie and food, it’s assumed to be a fat joke.

I’m sure this isn’t something Christie will take lying down. He’ll probably remain seated and pray Trump doesn’t demand the guv boycott M&Ms.

Christie M&Ms

[via Gothamist]

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