Woman Goes On Scorched Earth Scathing Twitter Rant And Absolutely Demolishes Donald Trump


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The entire nation is holding its breath right now in hopes that President-elect Donald Trump is focusing on building a stellar cabinet and moving towards his previously promised goal of draining the swamp and overhauling our shitty status quo in American politics. More and more it seems like we’re holding our breath and crossing our fingers in vain because we cannot go 24 hours with DJT spewing off a Twitter rant.

After Alec Baldwin mocked Donald Trump‘s thin skin and propensity to rant on Twitter during this week’s Saturday Night Live the President-elect played right into Baldwin’s hands, immediately firing off an angry string of tweets to which Alec responded SNL would ease up when Trump releases his tax returns (never going to happen).

Anyways, in response to Trump’s tweet about Alec Baldwin’s impression of him on SNL one woman fired off a string of tweets which have since been retweeted and shared tens of thousands of times, and they are LIT.

She’s 100% not speaking for EVERYONE in America during this rant, but even the most staunch Trump supporters are confused by his backpedaling these days and are expressing doubts about DJT’s abilities as a statesman (case in point: ‘Trumpgrets Tumblr‘).

Like everyone in America I’m rooting for our government’s transition to being a success because I don’t want to see our great country fall to complete shit, but you have to admit this woman makes A TON of excellent points about where Trump’s focus should be at right now (hint: not on parody impressions of him).

(h/t TheLadBible)