The Mainstream Media Was Wrong, Trump Is Here To Stay, And If You’re Team Donald This Is Going To Get You Hyped AF

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Donald Trump Holds News Conference In Jupiter, Florida

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The mainstream media was wrong when they said that Donald Trump would never make it to the finish line. The GOP establishment was mistaken when they said that a man with Trump’s brazen bravado wouldn’t make it to the Republican National Convention, because Donald Trump is steamrolling his way to the GOP nomination with more gusto than any candidate has in recent history.

If you’re a Donald Trump supporter then you’re feeling pretty dang confident right now, knowing that you were right to believe in Trump when all the naysayers would never last. And if you’re backing Donald Trump then this video’s about to get you more jacked up than a swan dive into a pool of 100% pure booger sugar straight from Colombia…This is a HIGH ENERGY look at Donald J. Trump’s ascent to the GOP throne, and if you’ve been supporting Donald since day one then this is the triumphant video that you’ve been waiting for (so please feel free to share this far and wide to show your support):

I’d just like to take a moment and gloat a little. I was actually there in the audience for the ‘Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump’ back in 2011 when it was filming in NYC, and I was there that night when Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States of America (which he withdrew like two weeks later).

After Trump announced that he’d be running for President at his Comedy Central Roast he was then carried out of the audience on some sort of palanquin while throwing fake hundred dollar bills into the audience…The crowd was eating it up hook, like, and sinker. And at that moment I knew that The Donald would be able to make a serious run at President of the United States somewhere down the line because nobody controls a room/audience like he does, and his recent success is evidence of that.

I was looking far and wide for a clip of that moment, when he’s carried out like a war hero, but all I could find was this clip of Donald Trump roasting the absolute shit out of ‘The Situation’, and I’m so glad I found this again because I’d totally forgotten that The Situation even exists:

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