Donald Trump May Not Be Live-Tweeting Comey’s Testimony, But Donald Trump Jr. Sure As Hell Is

donald trump jr live tweeting james comey testimony

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It appears that someone at the White House somehow managed to wrestle the phone away from President Trump today as thus far he has been noticeably silent on Twitter during James Comey’s testimony. Which comes as a bit of a shock considering…

However, that certainly isn’t the case with The Donald’s namesake, as the subject of one of our favorite memes of 2017, Donald Trump, Jr., has been live-tweeting the hell out of it for him.

As with pretty much everything else that’s happened since Donald Trump took office, Junior’s tweeting has been nothing if not entertaining. Check out some of the tweets and retweets the junior Donald has been sharing on Twitter so far today.

First use of emojis!!

Junior also, so far, has retweeted Fox News (twice), Mike Huckabee, Bill O’Reilly, Dan Scavino Jr.‏, Alan Dershowitz, Joe Biggs‏, Richard Grenell, Bloomberg, Rich Lowry‏ and Chris Barron.

Good times, huh?

If I were a cynical man I would say that there’s at least a 50-50 chance that the elder Donald is really the one doing all this tweeting on Junior’s account. It wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility considering how much we know President Trump LOVES his Twitter account. The lack of “bigly’s” have me thinking it’s Junior, but I just can’t completely decide how cynical I am feeling today. How cynical are you feeling today?

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