You Know That Donald Trump Jr. Tweet About Skittles And Refugees? Well, It Looks Like He Plagiarized It


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Last night, Donald Trump Jr. fired off a tweet comparing Skittles to Syrian refugees, and that tweet has since gone über viral. Earlier this morning we posted the best Twitter reactions to Donald Trump Jr’s tweet because there gave been some fan-fucking-TASTIC reactions so far. Something lost in the shuffle though is that Donald Trump Jr. appears to have straight up plagiarized his tweet from a man Jezebel describes as ‘virulently pro-life former congressman’ Joe Walsh:

LOLOLOLOLOL. See above, see below, and then tell me that’s not plagiarism because clearly the original author didn’t know they were going to jack his tweet:

Walsh obviously echoes the sentiment but is calling out Donald Trump Jr. for plagiarism, presumably because he’d like the credit for coming up with such a xenophobic analogy.

Naturally, Skittles couldn’t allow themselves to be caught in the crossfire and they had to release a statement:

Bros, Skittles wants to be VERY CLEAR that Skittles are candy and refugees are not candy. They don’t want people thinking that their candy is refugees. So please keep that in mind next time you’re sauntering on through the candy aisle at Walmart.

Now here are just a few of the reactions to Donald Trump Jr.’s plagiarized tweet (you can see all of the best reactions HERE):

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