Donald Trump’s Spokeswoman Defends Her Captain Khan Comments By Butchering The English Language

WARNING: This might make your head explode.

Earlier in the week, Donald Trump’s spokeswoman, Katrina Pierson, went on television and made the absurd statement that Barack Obama changing the rules of engagement in Afghanistan in 2009 was “probably” responsible for Captain Humayun Khan’s death in Iraq in 2004.

Not true, not true at all. Which is why Pierson said, “probably.”

No, that’s how she explained it away on this CNN segment where she was grilled on her words.

“I said ‘probably.'”

BUT. That wasn’t the only thing she did. She did SO MUCH MORE. She said the “ownerous” for the soldier’s death was not on Donald Trump. Which, yea, because ownerous is not a word.

(And yes, I know onerous is a word, but that wasn’t what she was saying.)

Pierson also said there have been one million U.S. servicemen and women wounded in those conflicts, but that number is much closer to 50,000. And that Obama invaded more countries than George Bush did.

Seriously, if you can make it all the way through this without getting a migraine, I salute you.

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